Your Neighborhood Cult
2017 / Clothing Brand

Your Neighborhood Cult


December 30, 2017


Your Neighborhood Cult


FIRST AND FOREMOST.... This is not a cult.. I don't think so, but this is a clothing brand at the least. A clothing brand of my own making. I wanted to push the boundaries of fashion and social events. That being the grey area of cults. I focused on creating designs based on the ideals and inner workings of what cults have. I was fortunate enough to put this brand into multiple stores and create a decent following at its peak.

For me, quality is key, and I made sure I used the best. All tees were printed on a heavy weight 8 oz cotton tee that was hand assembled and then printed via DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing.

For me, I wanted the basis of this brand to be plain and simple. Hence why the main colors were black or white. It helped carry the simple aspect of the brand, but at the same time, represent the double sides of what a cult could be.