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Wedding Website


July 17, 2021



The time has come in which I found my own happiness and the woman of my dreams. I am so lucky to have her and the joy we bring to each others lives. But as the wedding comes, we needed a way to brand our big day and showcase our love. I decided I would turn to the one thing that I knew would make us stand out: my skills as a graphic designer. I created the following website to showcase was I can churn out and make special for us.

Feel free to check out the website here:

For the design, I wanted to showcase a bunch of the engagement photos we took with our amazing photographer and make them the center of each section I made. Of course, I used the help of Webflow to ensure I can create a dynamic layout and be able to focus on the design itself. Here is a couple of videos highlighting the range this site can be, both on a web browser and mobile.

My main goal in my career right now is how to become a better web designer but also dive deeper into the world of UI/UX. Along with the website that can bee seen on a browser, I wanted to ensure our guests could RSVP on the go and for their convenience. Below is a video of the mobile app.